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unified public school teachers came and learned to use cooking for the core standards. we range all over the place. we really want everyone to feel like they can be included in the conversation. a lot of organizations i think which say we're going to teach cooking or we're going to teach gardening, or we're going to get in the policy side of the food from conversation. we say all of that is connected and we want to provide a place that feels really community oriented where you can be interested in multiple of those things or one of those things and have an entree point to meet people. we want to build community and we're using food as a means to that end. >> we have a wonderful organization to be involved with obviously coming from buy right where really everyone is treated very much like family. coming into 18 reasons which even more community focused is such a treat. we have these events in the evening and we really try and bring people together. people come in in groups, meet friends that they didn't even know they had before. our whole set up is focused on communal table. you can sit
. i see her, wave at her, say just a second, crack our machine which i use, wasn't going through. i get a ticket in the mail for that instance. i pulled out my waybill which proves that i worked, documented perfectly. the copy of the credit card receipt, submitted that with a fluffy narrative about what happened. insufficient evidence. there has to be some type of congruence there. thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> mark gruberg followed by [speaker not understood] zamud. >> mr. gruberg. >>> again, to continue and conclude along the lines i was speaking of before, despite the fact that the cpuc has a rule making proceeding going on, you still have jurisdiction over people who are providing illegal services in san francisco that are, you know, the equivalent of taxi services. if you didn't have that jurisdiction, you couldn't stop somebody in their private car who was picking up on the street either. so, all the drivers in these companies which are violating the law, the drivers themselves are also violating the law. and i'm not suggesting that, you know, a $5,000 citation.
does not work and help us plan what credit recovery options will be able in this coming summer. we want to make sure that the credit recovery is not only accessible to all students but effective as well. i think that it is important that the students take advantage of this opportunity of credit recovery programs and be able to graduate. we encourage that the sfusd have the more robust evaluation and success rates of the program from this semester and hopefully include the student feedback in the evaluation. every student at all high schools should have the same credit recovery options and increase the assistance to help them graduate. thank you for your time. >> hi, my name is paer and i am a senior at george washington high school and also a member on the youth commission, i would like to thank the board of education for your time and work in highlighting how to best support students here in san francisco. i'm speaking on behalf of this item as i think that it is important because it will help the credit recovery program become more efficient and it will help to see whether the pr
.. >> any further public comment? >>> david i just want today agree with today's comment about risk i used the word distractions at the last meetings and i'm not a verse to the advocates proposal and or some scales version of it but i just continue to reinforce that these efforts not threaten or under plain our existing utility work in water power and sewer and i can't express that concern enough so i'm not yet convinced that we should commit any hetchy power to this if it proves and we have resource, available, i'm up to that and we should be open to that but we have got to see i think, today just made the comment that we should walk before we can run and we have not been in the retail business to multiple customers like this before. we should see that we can do that first before we try to do that for everybody. >>> thank you david. >> thanks. >>> yeah, just i think there is two question that is we are going to have to wrestle with over the next month or so and the first is what to do about the roll-out and the i think the 20% number for opting out is assuming we have rates compara
it through us and responds back and but we also want to use tools where people don't necessarily have to a tent ten the public meeting or we have a communication that leads a different type of communication called midnight where there was people that spend an hour learning about the wastewater system and that same group toured the southeast plans and we didn't serve drinks only 30 people came to that but we really want to build a different type of advocatey and use social media to build that thank you. and then the next steps are p -- a big deal and i know many focus in the audience have been waiting for this to happen and we will be work with closely with today resi stromb and joule yet on the study that willing a critical companion that is going on a plan that was present to you will be further ri find and further than two-three years that he selected but we will come back to the commission on a quarterly basis and the risk mitigation strategies and now we have identified that we have programmatic risk and how we can button that up so we don't lose respect in the future and also the
bikes are continuing to use the street. i know that commissioner mar has a certain >> unfortunately, we have to leave to an event. i want to make some opening comments about this task. also to reiterate what our chair has said. the timeline for this project has been detailed. it's not supposed to be proposed in 2017. why was this project continual delayed and how can we fulfill this. a second set of the questions has to do with the questions i asked the board of supervisors to pass. city staff knows asked for the plan around pilot projects and to share as we move forward we're going to continue to 3406 around automobile surrounds. a second set of questions is what in terms of improving projects around the city to go faster. i think we all envilgsz how this improvement around marketed street serial number the bicycles. i want to request that we have questions ever quarter. my experience i bike down market street and take market street almost everyday of the week. we delayed the project. i want to get a sense of timelines. i feel we're experiencing grounded hog day. we're told all the tim
, physical, and spiritual. he would also let us know that many have or develop the ability , but are not able -- are not available when needed and fail to adapt when necessary. i have passed this on to my children. and in addition to ability, availability, and adaptability, i have added a fourth "a" which is accountability. we must be accountable for what we do and what we say. i'd like to end by saying that by far, my greatest accomplishment and achievement in life is raising my four children, my four wonderful children who have grown up to be sensitive and caring young adults with a strong sense of purpose and character. i think their lives truly exemplify the phrase, men and women for others. my oldest son leon benjamin metz iii is here, thank you, benjie, and a dear friend, joyce dixon. can you stand? (applause) >> again, i thank you for this wonderful honor, and i'm greatly humbled. (applause) >> okay, thank you. the next presentation will come from supervisor scott wiener. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor cohen. today i am honoring brett andrews. so, brett, come on up. (applause) >>
of authority that provided for that supervision in this executive level. a number of us meet regularly each month and this project is always on the agenda. we do have a quick process to move through that. those 5 or 6 agencies try to make sure that the project moves forward. we all get how important market street is to san francisco. it's the most complicated straight and that's why it's not moving as quickly as we'd like it to. on day one i can. for the entire group that this is not moving faster and it's because of the market streets mitigating facts that we need to contemplate. you have director level focus on that i want to assure you have that. similarly that is an integrated team we have a private sector team and a public team. there's a design consultant and transportation consultant. there's special departments that need to be wound together. i hope the public understands that we have some good options that were we have the private sector side and the public side and the community working together to make sure this gets done right. which does mean it's not a face process. there was
bond that those of us who love animals and those who love dogs especially have. i think by that measure in terms of the quality of your soul, given how you treat and talk about bertie, i think that that makes you an amazing person. and i wish you the very best in your new endeavors, but i know that you're still going to be here. i appreciate the fact that you, as you indicated, you're going to make sure that district 9 gets more resources in your new job, which i appreciate. and i look forward to working with you. and, of course, you know, one of the things that i think it's an illustration of the kind of person you are, the kind of supervisor you are is that as you leave, you leave behind not only the work, but you also leave in place someone that you have mentored and someone that you have helped, and that's i think a very important testament of your leadership. the fact that you're passing it on and i look forward to working with supervisor tang as she goes on board, but the fact that she is there is another testament to your leadership. thank you. >> supervisor avalos. >> supervisor
of the 335 or so people who got notification and 56 of them told us that they got the notification and walked away from the district. they just gave up when they got the notification. they did not way for the may letter, they walked on the march letter. that is a sixth of all of the people that you are looking to get rid of. we don't orderly like to compare ourselves to other cities in california because of our uniqueness and all of that. but, this is the paper from the united teachers of los angeles. headline says, first time in four years, no riffs. no riffs. and they detail across the bottom from 5900 in 2009 up to 9500 just as soon as mr. davis left and they had 0 this year, all right? so no rifs, you have figures in our own presentation that indicate to you that you don't have to do this. and so i ask you to think seriously about it, the one vote that i would like you to make is have the vote on seniority order and i would like to see you make that one this time. thank you very much. >> thank you mr. kelley. >> okay. questions, or comments from board members? mr. haney? >> sure. this is
received the news fund, trustee, [speaker not understood], told us that laguna honda hospital is the recipient of ms. dolores knight's $500,000 donation and that the money is deposited to -- actually in january just last month, we had received a complete disbursement of the $500,000. the money is deposited into the patient gift fund. so, let me talk a little bit about our gift fund. the gift feud at laguna honda hospital provides activities and experiences that enrich the lives of laguna honda hospital residents that includes the expenditures for musical entertainment, cultural celebration, special holiday meals, outing to the parks, ball games, [speaker not understood] and other events. so, for the end of the last fiscal year, the sum balance of this gift fund was at $1.9 million, including both in cash and in donated stock at the market value. at the hospital we have committees called the gift fund management committee. it's the oversight of the gift fund. so, this committee will meet and then make a proposal to the san francisco health commission, the annual budget based on
to this goes back to one bay area grant program. we are working with the planning department on the land use transportation strategy . the last 3 things we want to highlight 2 are the neighborhood transportation studies. awarded to the authority. the first one is the mobility study this is looking well the vehicle sharing pilot program is one of the recommendations coming out of the study. transportation working group and many city agencies particularly the department of the health and the heel zone initiative we hosted last month a vehicle sharing workshop. to share experiences community run vehicle sharing programs to give that feedback to the bay view community group who identified that as their top priority this group had six meetings our final meeting on march 12th where the final deliverable will be a draft business plan for a vehicle sharing pilot program to seek discretionary grants. on february 13 we have a first public meeting that was very well attended there will be an out research summary on our website short ly the next public event meeting late spring early summer. the
. >> so before we actually look at delaying a month which i think would set us back i lot i want to ask if there's any other way we can make a more robust process of reviewing candidates whether -- i'm not sure if we can do it possibly in closed session we can't do it but if there's another way it can be conducted. >> i'm sure there's a way we can do that the problem with doing it today is we haven't agenda ized it. we need to agenda ize a meeting where we can adopt an action. i'm certain there's a process for expanding participation in the process subject to resolving the closed session and confidentiality issue i'm not sure about at this point. >> commissioner weiner. >> so if there's a way that there's two members that would effectively be members of the community and participate in the entire process and have that five person committee i think that's the goal i think there's a distinction between members exhaust ive ly, versus a consultation process which is not the same thing so i do make a motion to continue this one month. >> motion from commissioner weiner is there a second? >
to go some what conservative here because i might end up with a us history class with 8 kids in it and then i have to parcel that out and so this is anticipating next year, i am not saying that we have them under filled this year, but being conservative for next year, does that make sense? >> yes. >> it is just like at my school was just the biggest school there are so many students in one classroom and over 30 and teachers always complain tla are so many students, why can't we redistribute the students? >> why can't you redistribute students? >> they are just saying... >> like we don't need that many teachers, then why can't we just put the students in their classroom and have the teachers teach them? >> and then, you know, i would have to put my mission perspective on it. assuming that is passed. and so, but i do know that the number of sophomores going to junior classes, for instance, it does not always, you know, even as the way that you want it to, you will get the classes with like 8 students in them. so you can redistribute them and you have a choice. you can go above
's yesctionv used, how it's expected to be used here in your case. * generally again, the program requests the authorization -- the request will be the full 250 million. with commercial paper programs you typically don't initiate the full authorization on day 1. so, on day 1 the idea is of that 250 million, 100 million will be established. so, you'll be paying on the full 100 from day one, not the 250. so, that's a mechanism of to put authorization in place but reduce costs. the estimated cost for the 100 million, assuming it were all drawn for an entire year is about 2.2 million dollars in interest costs. and i'm going to show you the full work up of costs for these three transactions. the commercial paper program currently is expected to stay outstanding until 2019, okay, at which point approximately 100 million will be converted to long-term debt. and, so, much of this would be repaid through to the director's point with cash on hand. if federal dollars come in, you'd pay a draw on cp. if [speaker not understood] you'd pay your draw on cp, et cetera. and then back to the third grant ant
and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that?
taller, more inviting grounds for retail spaces as well as more retail uses on the second floor. both the nonprofit and philanthropic presence in the neighborhood and give the community a powerful voice in shaping its own development and character. i am particularly proud of the formula retail ban we have included in this ncd. this will make divisadero only the fourth neighborhood in the city to have such control. we have seen the value of formula retail restrictions right down the street in hayes valley. this -- while preserving existing businesses, the controls boast local small businesses and helps foster a unique neighborhood feeling. we are a diverse community, a collection of unique individuals and businesses and our commercial districts are and should be a reflection of that unique san francisco personality. establishing this neighborhood commercial district will help local and small business owners and those who want to become small business owners. i look forward to working with my colleagues and the merchants and the neighborhoods of the divisadero as this legislation procee
government and to the feds for your proper use of that. the president of the ndaa is accountable to nobody. he's already been accountable to the voters and that's it. the constitution provides that understood -- the founders understood it is in the state interest to kill somebody and they have in the constitution a provision called a bill of mark, marqe. i congratulate you and i hope you will urge the congress and the president to use their proper constitutional powers and have the killing done by congress where at least there is some accountability. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. thank you. next speaker. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is john [speaker not understood] and i represent an african university and kenya school of law. i also am interested in talking about mohammed ibrahim award for 2013 and 2014. i currently reside at providence church at 1601 mc kinnon and previously resided at 5 47 haight street in san francisco. there is an interesting program that's being commended by bevan dufty. our city has secured a million dollars in state funding to expand and improve o
into a lease and we would immediately start constructing the shaft. in order for us to have the shaft built in time for the machines to get there, we need to start that. our original plan was to start that work in january of this year. so, we're already behind on that. so, before we start impacting the critical path, that is not a decision that would be made in a year. it's a decision we'd be making now to move forward with the demolition and the excavation to build the shaft. >> director big nan. >> if we could discuss the funding. i don't remember if it was in open session or closed session -- was it in closed session? can we discuss that very briefly? i know that the number you gave us versus the number that seems to be perceived by the public were different. so, if we could just briefly go through the funding and where it is going that would be great. >> i think the confusion on the total amount was just a mad matter of ating the components of the 1.15 -- and .15. it is .15 million and [speaker not understood]. * 9.15 again, those are both not to exceed numbers. so, that's kind of a wo
members have just joined us. my main certain for this board is i don't think there's any realistic difference between us moving forward with this complete resolution and just amendeding. >> i don't see why we have to have a fire drill and meet in march. we're going to do a 5 person committee that 5 person committee should be sitting from the begining. i've heard in argument >> i don't think anyone else's attempted to make a statement as to why. but i think we work at this body and the board of supervisors and if we were kwiven a timeline we would know that we stick to a timeline. we move processes along as quickly if we can. >> the only timeline i'm seeing is the draft proposal. today there is no timeline that would preestablish a timeline. we're seth the timeline. i don't think there is anything magical about the timeline >> thank you just a question for staff or legal counsel. is the march. is there anything in the rules of authority that would preclude any member of this commission from sitting in on the march 18th meeting? we're ultimate the ones who control what the timeli
to ask dr. schmidt, if you could introduce who is here with us, too. >> yes. we have here dr. [speaker not understood]. she is the director of the institute for health policy studies. roberta vargas as you already mentioned, and ms. paula fleichser who is one of our experts. i wanted to make a very brief statement. it's a real honor to be here to speak to this commendation on behalf of our staff. we have over a hundred faculty and staff at the institute for health policy studies. ucsf is by far one of san francisco's many, many treasures. but the newest discovery for medicine and population health often get locked up in the ivory tower and they don't make their way out onto the streets to actually help the population very quickly. so, our institute's core mission is to translate advances in science as they come forward within the university and translate them into policies that help people live longer and live healthier lives. we work directly with people, with leadership at the global level, at the national level, at the state level, and at the local level. but nowhere are we more com
to continue to retain the existing entitlement rights after the two years the mta will use the site for the extraction tunnel boring machine. so, with that colleagues, i'd like to ask for your support. >> thank you very much. any other comments? given that, can we take that same house same call? thank you, colleagues. >> colleagues, why don't we get roll call. >> first on roll call is supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i'm sorry, madam clerk. can you re-refer me? i seem to have misplaced my notes. >> no problem, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i have introduced a number of hearings related to the budget and finance committee. we are going to convene the five-person committee on march 6 and start our budget process. we're going to have budget updates from a number of the major departments as well as updates from the controller's office on their five-year financial plan. it plan and 10 year capital plan as well as our city's reserve and set aside policies. i think two ones of note that i'll just call out. one calling for a hear
are asking to you give us the ability to further align and strengthen our services to our students. at this point i am going to ask anggy the executive director of staffing to read the resolution and then we will be happy to answer your questions. >> this evening, we are proposing that due to the length of these resolutions and acceptable to the board and the superintendent, that i read the therefore be it resolved sections of each resolution. for resolution to decrease the number of certificated employees, due to reduction in reduction in particular kinds of services, now therefore, be it resolved, that a total of 24 fte in administrative services and 117.80 fte in instructional services as set forth in exhibit a will be reduced or eliminated no later than the beginning of 2013, 14 school year. that due to the reduction or elimination of particular service and programs, it shall be necessary to reduce the number of certificated employees, employed by the district at the end of the 2012, 13 school year. and that the superintendent or his designated representative is directed to sen
basketball, line dancing, playing ping-pong, and arts and crafts. >> use it for whatever you want to do, you can do it here. >> on friday, november 16th, the dedication and ribbon cutting took place at the sunset playground and recreation center celebrating its renovation. it was raining, but the rain clearly did not dampen the spirits of the dignitaries, community members, and children in attendance. [cheering and applauding] ♪ ♪ >> . >> [sound of gavel] the commission will come to order. secretary president torres. here. vice president doury commission moran. commission toest is skewedded from todayth meeting. >> all right we have a quorum public comment please? mr. costa welcome. >>> i wanted to come over here and speak in a manner that is forthright. so, some of you received my articles and if you read my articles, the many point is that we serve the community. and what is hooping in the various departments including the s f g o c is that in certain areas, we lack standards. new commissioners know because of your experience that ethics, morals, standards, count.
house. finally, after i used to be here fight for the veterans who go to the war, and after he finish his war, he come here to be one homeless in the streets of san francisco [speaker not understood]. our president decided to ending the veteran homeless. he's going to give them housing and we're going to ask every one of you as the oldest homeless advocate, i would like to ask the supervisor [speaker not understood] my city to have list for each one of the homeless in your district. if they are veteran, they are going to get housing. if they are not veteran, i work now behind this issue to help our sheriff to give warm job for the people who ending their own time in the jail. god bless you and god bless everyone who work and try to make it his district better than other. and i would -- i don't for get to tell our supervisor, happy, happy african month day. thank you. carmen, good luck for you. we still love you and i would like to [inaudible]. >>> good afternoon, supervisors. [speaker not understood]. don't give money to the friends and foundation, don't accept money from the friends
, the techniques we used as union organizers came from his father, fred roth. that contribution is huge was of the work that he did bring science to how we organize. that's actually changed the nation. that's the impact that fred roth senior has had on the world and i just want to all be here in your presence. thank you. (applause) >> thank you. i don't want to repeat what's been said. but, you know, i was meeting with dolores huerta just a couple days ago and i was really surprised that someone like her would be supporting our effort to add harvey milk's name to the airport. (applause) >> what she talked to me about was how she learned about the enter connection of every human being and that every cause for justice and equality is one that concerns all of us regardless of where you come from and where you are. * and i think that's the lesson, that people like dolores learned from your father. not only did he influence leaders like dolores and cesar chavez, but to this day, after years of his passing, influencing so many generations, it's really a legacy that will last forever. and just
that while they could directly administer the different garages, that we have in front of us, they consider the fact that the added oversight and community relations provided by these organizations are in the best interest of the garage and the city. i think and heard and believe that many of you have heard from the leadership of the union square community about the impact that this organization has had in union square within a part of town that sees some of the most densely traveled and densely parking situations that we have in the city. so, with that, colleagues, ask for your support for this and we will proceed. >> great. i assume, colleagues, that we need a roll call on this. we can have a roll call, madam chair. >> on item 16, supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos no. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. president chiu? chiu aye. supervisor chu? chu no. there are 9 ayes and 2 no's. >> the resolution is adopte
want to acknowledge and welcome the public to join us downstairs in the north light court. we will resume in 15 minutes. >> at 5:40. >> good afternoon. welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, february the 26th, 2013. madam clerk, could we call item 35, general public comment? >> the next item on the agenda is the opportunity for the public to comment generally for up to two minutes. on those items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including item on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note the public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you would like a document displayed on the overhead projector, please remove the paper when we go to the live meeting. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your patience waiting for us to end the discussion of black history. with that, why don't we hear from our first speaker. each speaker shall have u
say good timing for you as well. [laughter]. >> any other comments. >> again this gives us an opportunity on our light rails to address the camera issue. the camera issue is not going to go way. maybe it will go to court but when things go to court nobody ever hears about it but i would say because our inter um director is forth right i've known her for a long time but somehow we need to have a hearing on our light rail and critical lines we get the funding from the federal government that's okay but we need to pay attention in this hearing and address the cameras and the safety we had a chinese coming who were beaten very badly. there was a camera on that box but no camera on the bus somebody got stabbed on the 9 no camera on the bus it goes on and on and on because we just -- the camera or recording system that could help the law enforcement in this case the law enforcement doesn't seem to care so chief, i'm putting you on notice i know i'm your friend but do the right thing. mayor -- we can talk the talk time to walk the walk. those supervisors who come up and back t
, allow our military to arrest and detain american citizens on u.s. soil without a warrant or due process. this would repeat the forced incarceration of the 1940s of 120,000 japanese americans who spent years in interment camps without notices of charges, right to an attorney, or right to a trial. from my perspective and the perspective of many constitutional scholars, these indefinite detention provisions violate fundamental american legal principles of the presumption of innocence, our fifth amendment right to due process, the sixth amendment right to fair trial, the eighth amendment prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, and these provisions would allow activists and journalists to be detained for exercising their first amendment rights to free speech. i want to take a moment and thank the large coalition that has come together to ask us to support this. there are dozens of organizations in the city including the bill of rights defense committee, the coalition for safe san francisco, the asian law caucus, the labor council, the san francisco 99% coalition. i want to thank su
person committee that's the right thing but i think it make sense for us to sit those folks. i think we should do this as quickly as possible. >> colleagues i think the term commitment is a bit strong. we've had conversations about a 5 person committee and when it was determined we had a 3 person economy that's now i believe we need to move forward. the personnel committee should be meeting and i welcome other people to take part in this. maybe later we could be concerned with the 5 person committee. i heard commissioner kim state that maybe we could have a formal motion and we could move this forward. the recruitment process and have a personnel committee meet as a 3 person body and later have the transportation economy came down with a 5 person committee. i welcome the participation of other people tanking part. there's a no formal way we have to have a 5 person committee start at the get go. >> commissioner yee. >> i'm just curious in this process whether or not prior to having an official opinion about how to do this 5 member committee with the chair can make the your intentions
, powers and ellen wu. she is not here with us and she is a very shy woman. but we accept this recognition on her behalf and she has dedicated 20 years of service for our schools and is instrumental in taking care of the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day work related to the pieces that make our library function, smoothly. rochele and michelle have spearheaded the great work that we have been able to do with our school libraries they have provided meaningful professional development opportunities, and direct sight support to 70 teacher lie brae ans through 103 schools in our district. they have led them in the roles as teachers, library program managers, information specialists, site leaders and industrial partners. they are highly esteemed by the teacher librarians and also by the cross-departmental peers with whom they willingly share their expertise. they are very deserving of this recognition, for providing excellent leadership, guidance and support, to teacher librarians and creating collaboration as we advance the literacy efforts in our district. [ applause ] >> thank you, very much.
will be there and the public is welcome and we will be starting at 10 a.m. in sacramento and so please join us. >> thank you. >> one last before we move on, commissioner mendoza reminds me one last item. tomorrow is the media day for the youth arts festival which will be opening i believe next week the 7th of march. and at the asian art museum this year, this is a new venue for it, it is the youth art festival and a lot of performance and visual art displays. >> it is young at heart. >> no it is youth festival now. >> yeah. >> so, i will be participating the superintendent will be participating. and i believe that the mayor as well will be there. he is hosting the media event tomorrow on the steps, yes. and so you may will get some coverage and maybe you will check out the arts festival and it is going to be great. >> we are going to move on now to item t and report of closed section actions. from the closed section of february 19, 2013, the board of education approved by a vote of five ayes and two absent, mendoza and maufas the expulsion of one student. and five ayes and one nay the executive director. >
flinn is really shocking to us and that is why we are here. thank you very much. reskend her name and reelect her. good night. [ applause ] >> hi, there, my name is sandy coleman, i'm a parent of a child that graduated from flinn elementary school. my son michael was in mis coleman's class, so i am here to have her please reelected to be a teacher because she is a really excellent special education teacher. i think that a lot of things that people don't realize that when you have a child that has behavior issues it is hard to find a teacher that is a good fit and i moved my son in fourth grade to flinn elementary because his old school was not working out and he had a teacher that was abusive to the kids and i think that it is important that people realize that you have to find a teacher that is going to be nurturing, caring, pretty much like your child and keep your child in a safe space and we found that with miss coleman and i am just appalled as to why they would not want to have her come back to flinn because she was told that i did not make a connection with the students and
have heard but what will be helpful is if the commission can provide us with focus the next steps because weapon to make sure that we are putting our resource where they are best helping rate pairs and the key consumption in all 12 scenarios that we have seen have very rapid city wide roll-out and a great deal of residential and commercial participation, a 12% average overall opt out and the opt out has been that low because of the assume rate parody or near term rate parody with otherwise p and g rates and they include city borrowing which, is a key financial risk that you asked about in the past of a billion dollars and on the other hand, that comes with more money to do local build outs faster but one of the problematic risk that is we talked about previously is that there is still an assumption of 6,000 projects between now and 2017 and so that is a large amount of project do over that short period and now lines of gas and boy gas and none million dollars of purchases there through 2017 and that there would as some hetch hetchy power available and there would be some skiing 20
think is something very admirable. we're using fleet week. we're using the swap cup. we're using all these events to come to town, visitors come to town to raise money for our community. so, i just ask that you continue to support mark. and, again, supervisors, mark, thank you so much for this honor. thank you very much. (applause) >> thank you very much. >>> all right now. (applause) >> thank you. our next supervisor will be supervisor from district 3. >> thank you, madam chair. and, first of all, again, i want to welcome all of you who are here for this wonderful celebration of black history month where we're celebrating heroes, leaders and rock stars, not just within the african-american community, but african-american heroes, leaders and rock stars in our broader san francisco community. (applause) >> and i am honored to recognize one of those rock stars, jamie alison hope, where are you? come on down. so, let me tell you about this woman. and she is someone i've known for years who is a resident of mine in the lower knob hill area. and i knew her professional background and that
don't pay enough credit to the folks who actually get the things done for us or the projects that we see happening in the city. so, today i just really want to thank you for that, honor you and thank you for being a district 4 resident. thank you. (applause) >> thank you very much, supervisor chiu. -- supervisor chu. i'm really honored to be here today. * first of all, congratulations to you in your new -- going forward in your new assignment. i'm really, as i said, honored to be here. more importantly i want to thank you for the good work you've done for district 4 and all the residents of san francisco. supervisor chu mentioned i'm president of the san francisco african-american historical society. the society is and has been a vital san francisco institution for more than 60 years. when i came to san francisco a number of years ago, the society was the first place that i connected with. it was welcoming and gave me an instant sense of place and belonging. and i'm sure that most of you understand and appreciate the importance of having an institution that validates and supports who
subject to public comment by a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you would like a document displayed on the overhead projector, please remove the paper when we go to the live meeting. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your patience waiting for us to end the discussion of black history. with that, why don't we hear from our first speaker. each speaker shall have up to two minutes. thank you. >>> [speaker not understood] please give me few seconds to give message to our supervisor carmen. carmen, thank you very much for any kind of job you did to my community. we're going to miss you, but we still love you. and i would like to be here next time to give warm welcome to the lovely lady who going to bless you, katie, i wish her good luck. and thank you for what you do to this city for. i my name is [speaker not understood] san francisco. [speaker not understood].
, the ratings are going to be low. because of all the other things that are happening in and around us. so, we've taken care of business. that's why i think we're viewed very differently than all the other cities i think in the state of california. yes. >> [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]? >> qualities, it's standing right next to me. so, in terms of public service, follow through, i mean, carmen has demonstrated very thoroughly in that district what it takes to be an effective supervisor. and the things that i have seen her do, i mean, she's hauled me out to merchant walks, to coffees on weekends, to garbage pick ups, to work along sunset boulevard picking up dead trees and fallen trees. and then talking with people down at the java coffee shop on noriega and finding out what's wrong with muni and how come they have these turn arounds which they hate out there. i mean, you just get into every single nitty-gritty thing that i think probably every supervisor does. i've done that with the other supervisors as well. and you have to just bring that back in, absorb it, make sure
it to the city of san francisco and had a specification, i'm giving it to the city that will be used forever for the enjoyment forever of the people of the city of san francisco. it has ever since. every summer the stern grove association in san francisco rec and parks put on 10 free concerts. usually people come out at 10 in the morning it's a family affair. everybody is on the lawn with picnics and it's free. anybody can come out. it's a great way to spend a sunday. >> goes to 1-2 in the afternoon and runs until 5. [music]. thanks to the stern grove association they renovated the concert meadow. it used to be a rolling grafsy area. put in a new stage and stage building. they put in terraces. we get from 8,000 to 12,000 people. and the meadow next to the concert meadow is full of people even though they can't see the music they hear it. i walked into the meadow several times and they don't even care. we do have literally events going on day and night. the concert association has kids days during the week. the performers come out for hundred 200 kids. now, the truckadero truck house gets re
that there will be an additional cost. we have most of the funding in place or proposed for the next budget cycle to get us through the next phase on how much more we're going to need. we've identified a couple of options. i want to clarify this isn't money that doesn't exist. some things that agencies would have in their capital budgets the enhancements is the delta we're going to have to figure out to fund. this is something i think would be an appropriate topic for the mayors staff. it's very common more than normal or not we start a project before accident funding is there. if we started the project only when we had enough money we wouldn't start the projects. i th think this would be a terrific project for grants. thanks for the time >> thank you for the presentation. i have a lot of these questions but i'll save them. we have to get ready for our next meeting. so we can go onto public comment. if anyone wants to comment please come forward >> i want to say on the face of it when i heard the the plan to push the bicycle traffic down to mission i was more surprised it seems unnatural. if you look at a map a
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